Friday, August 15, 2014

Foster Kids - Foster Children Helped by 8-Year-Old Birthday Girl

There are lots of stories every week about the plight of foster children. Many adults feel sadness but don't see how they can help. Leave it up to children who just go and make things happen.

The title of this article says it all, "Spokane 8-year-old gives up birthday gifts to help foster kids." Reegan Welch got this idea of giving to foster kids because of a commercial.

"Me and my parents were watching TV and this foster kids commercial came on," she explained. "I told my mom - that's what I want to do for my 8th birthday ... raise school supplies for foster kids."

Reegan succeeded in getting the children who attended her birthday party to come with school supplies. Reegan's charity caught the eye of the local TV station, KXLY ABC and its Executive Producer, Melissa Luck, who has availed herself to others in the area who want to join in and donate school supplies for foster kids.

Foster children often go without. When taken from their parents, these children usually only have the clothes they are wearing. Depending on the foster home situation, many foster youth don't get the usual change of clothes in August as do their peers in preparation for school. Foster children are often embarrassed because they are going to school with hand-me-down clothes that can look ratty or out of style.

Given what little foster kids get that they can call their own, it's shouldn't be surprising that there isn't often money to spend on school supplies. In fact, much has been made of the fact that many foster youth, especially those in a group home setting, come back from school with no one asking about their day.

Most foster kids don't have a parent who prods them to study or is available to help them with their homework. So anything that can help make a foster child's life more normal is a huge deal for these children.

Reegan's parents were asked where she got this idea and sense of giving, but they shared that other than the values they try to instill in Reegan, they had done nothing to move her toward sacrificing her birthday for a greater good.

Reegan certainly shows a level of charity that would put many adults to shame. She simply thought that these foster children needed help and that she could do something about their needs. Then she took action.

The question is often asked, "What can adults do to set a better example for children?" Maybe it's time to ask, "What do children do that can teach adults about being better people?" Maybe there would be less abuse and less need for foster care in the first place. That may be an unattainable reality, but as Reegan shows us all too well, there is always something that each of us can do to make life a little better for someone in need, especially foster kids.

Reegan is a true example of Girl Power at its finest.


Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana
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