Friday, October 3, 2014

Foster Kids - Foster Children to Receive New Clothes from Fund Drive

Many people get sad or angry when they hear about the challenges that foster children endure while in the foster care system. Some may feel that there is little to be done to help these kids. If you ever doubted the ability of one person to make a difference, doubt no more.

Jackie Crusha has a new pastime that is brightening the Christmas season for hundreds of foster children in Kings County in California. Last year, Crusha started a drive to collect new clothes for the area foster youth. Her efforts resulted in 400 foster kids getting new clothes for winter.
The Kings County Human Services Agency is partnering with Crusha as she launches another drive that started Oct. 1. The goal again is to gather new clothes, gift-wrap them and then give the clothes as presents to hundreds of foster children on Christmas.

Many people don't realize that when a foster youth is removed from their home, it can be under very tense and explosive circumstances. Parents may react violently to having Child Protective Services come into their house and taking their children. Knowing this is a possibility, the goal is to remove the children as quickly and safely as possible. Children often enter the foster care system with only the clothes they were wearing. This could be a pair of pajamas, a night shirt or just a diaper.

Foster children often will move through the system will very few clothes, and almost all of them used. Getting brand new clothes is a present that many foster kids can only dream of. So the simple act of giving new clothes that these children can call their own can be a huge boost to their morale and self-image. The drive will last until Dec. 10. On Christmas, the foster care agency will give the gifts to the children.

Concerning Crusha's charitable work, Ruth Robles, King County Department Specialist, said:

"We’re absolutely grateful for her help, especially since she’s reaching out to a very sensitive group.” 

Nothing could be more charitable than to help foster kids. Starting a collection at church, selecting an evening at a restaurant where a percentage of the sales are donated, or starting a clothes or toy drive are just a few ways people can help these children. One of the best ways is to support efforts to find relatives of foster youth so these kids move out of foster care altogether into forever homes.

Crusha is setting an example that many women and men can follow. Helping a foster child this winter would be a great way to get into and share the holiday spirit.


Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana
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